About JEL

About JEL

J. E. Lawrence and Company was formed by a group of partners who have been in business together for more than twenty-five years.

In that time they have seen great success for their businesses by following a set of simple rules that includes a commitment to honesty and trust in dealing with customers and with each other.

This policy has resulted in extraordinary growth for JEL as clients have come to know and rely on our expertise, professionalism and transparency. We are proud of the success we have experienced in a relatively short time and look forward to continuing to grow and influence the course of settlement claims services.

JEL's Mission

Class action settlements are a remedy for companies that have been financially wronged. JEL was formed to help these companies recover all the moneys to which they are entitled - especially in cases where they didn't even know they were owed. Having surveyed the marketplace, we felt there was a place for a highly competent provider with our commitment to performance and client service.

To see how we can be of benefit to your firm, request a conversation with one of our Account Executives.