About JEL

JEL’s Code of Ethical Conduct

J.E. Lawrence and Company was formed by a group of partners who have been in business together for more than twenty-five years. In that time we have experienced great success for our businesses by following a set of principles that includes a commitment to honesty and transparency in dealing with customers, and each other.

In forming JEL in 2013, we committed to bringing those same high ethical standards to our dealings with our clients, as well as with claims administrators, the courts, and other participants in the claims process.

I invite you to familiarize yourself with the following pledges and commitments that we make to our prospective and current clients.


Edward V. Vicinanza
J.E. Lawrence & Company

In consideration of the great trust and responsibility we bear in the delivery of our services, we pledge to:

  1. Be in full compliance with both the letter and spirit of all applicable laws, as well as with such court and administrative rulings as may be issued over the course of a case.

  2. Transact with Prospective and Current clients from a position of honesty and transparency. Accordingly, we will not:

    * Represent to a Prospective or Current client that they cannot file their own claim or that the claims filing process is too complicated for them to do so on their own.

    * Represent to a Prospective or Current Client that we can or are performing in any capacity associated with the claims process other than as the Client’s recovery agent

    * Represent to a Prospective or Current Client that a recovery for their claim is guaranteed or predict the amount of a potential recovery

    * Submit a claim on behalf of a Prospective or Current Client without that Client’s express written authorization

    * Communicate to a Prospective or Current Client any other information which may be misleading or incorrect

  3. Bring JEL’s professional expertise to the analysis and determination of the eligibility and accuracy of Client claims.

  4. Provide truthful and accurate documentation of all claim payments to Clients.

  5. Transact in a truthful and transparent manner with all participants in the claims process including client representatives, court employees, attorneys and claims administrator personnel.

  6. Produce marketing materials that describe and/or promote our services and pricing in a truthful and accurate manner including in drawing comparisons to similar service providers in the marketplace.

  7. Protect the confidentiality and sensitivity of all client information, including but not limited to client’s identity, financial and accounting data, sales, expenses, trade secrets, and business activity except as requested by the client or client’s authorized representative.