About JEL

The 10 Top Reasons to choose JEL


  1. You can maintain focus on running your business while JEL handles your claim.

  2. Leverage JEL’s expertise in claims tracking, filing and recovery.

  3. Avoid high-dollar upfront costs and legal fees. JEL doesn’t get paid until you do.

  4. Relax as JEL takes the lead in monitoring and complying with required changes in claims procedures.

  5. Rest easy knowing that JEL will recover every dollar to which you are entitled.

  6. JEL is in compliance with all court requirements for third-party claims filing services.

  7. JEL is the employee who never quits. Normal employee turnover and changes in business ownership can result in you loosing track of your claim.

  8. JEL manages your claim over the often lengthy time frames that cases can take.

  9. JEL advocates on your behalf when payouts don’t comport with your initial claim amounts.

  10. JEL operates with Professionalism and Total Integrity

To see how we can be of benefit to your firm, request a conversation with one of our Account Executives.